3 Often-Overlooked Website Sections To Focus On

Finding your company “voice” is incredibly important. And once you discover—and then ace—this, you should showcase the end-result via as many arenas as possible.

Needless to say, your company website serves as an ideal canvas for flaunting your new-found company “tone”.

Here are three often-ignored site sections where creativity can and should flourish.

1. Site Error Messages

Nearly every site out there flashes the exact same (or, a slightly modified version of a) message to users who have landed on a non-existent or relocated page.

Stand out from the crowd—and competitors—by delivering the same piece of information with flair. Use wit and humor. Throw in something unique, like imagery and visuals or even a sound effect. Think outside of the box. You might even opt to provide wayward site users with an overview of other pages to peruse or direct them to a contact method.

Speaking of, we will take this opportunity to once again remind you to check the links across your site regularly.

2. The Footer

There are exceptions, but for the most part, there is a somewhat “standard” footer formula that tends to be followed and it typically is structured around social media buttons*, links to certain important pages; “about us”, “contact us”, widgets, etc.

Now, we will begin by suggesting that you do not stray too far away from the aforementioned standard, simply because users have been conditioned to look for specific bits of info in specific areas of the footer. Always strive to position essential details where they can be easily viewed and accessed.

That said, you can absolutely also play around with “bonus” tidbits. Create a little section where you feature an employee every month. Share an inspirational quote. If you have a big following and plenty of site traffic, you could even have a little contest where industry-adjacent individuals can “win” the chance to have their work featured in your footer. Or something else entirely. Have fun with it.

*Oh and you can customize the social media buttons to better suit your site as well!

3. Your Logo

Google employs this concept perfectly, debuting beautifully-designed variations of their logo to commemorate an assortment of events and occasions. Add some holiday-esque touches to your logo in December, incorporate a colorful umbrella or beach ball during the summer months and on and on.

Be sure not to obscure the name of your company in the process though. One workaround (especially if you are hesitant to try this out) is to have an interactive pop-up snowflake/beach ball/what-have-you briefly appear on top of your logo before “bouncing” off of the screen.

Questions? You know where to find us.