3 Signs Your Current Social Media Strategy Isn’t Cutting It

3 Signs Your Current Social Media Strategy Isn’t Cutting It

Pouring time and energy into an endeavor that isn’t paying off is, obviously, not smart. Behold these three clues that your current social media strategy isn’t cutting it.

1.      Little To No Engagement

No shares, no comments, ever? Not ideal. Are people evening seeing your posts? (Precisely why tracking analytics is so important!) Brainstorm ways to fix this, i.e. promoting your page to pick up more followers, reevaluating your content, switching to a “less is more” schedule, etc.

2.      It Is Too Time-Consuming

It simply doesn’t make sense to focus your attention on managing social media channels when doing so means that other professional obligations are slipping through the cracks. Consider outsourcing the bulk of the grunt work if you are on the edge of becoming overwhelmed.

3.      Your Posts Aren’t Elevating Your Brand Image

Is there a clear game-plan? If not, stop everything and go back to the drawing board, immediately. You need to entertain, inform and intrigue your potential customers, not bombard them with unwanted messages. Fine tune this before continuing.

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