Brands, Please Stop Trying To Sound Like A Cool Kid

Let us begin by explaining what we mean when we say “trying to sound like a cool kid”. We mean opting to create copy that sounds like it is pulled from a transcript from a chat with a close, easy-going (usually gal) pal who is in-the-know about all of the latest trends.

In other words, sprinkling in soon-to-be-super-dated terminology like “slay”, using text-message-worthy tactics (like *this*) to lure people into clicking and plopping in emojis to theoretically emphasize key points.

Look, we get it. This is a surefire way to achieve an approachable brand tone. Plus, it’s easy, especially since you can take this route instead of having to painstakingly craft clever, unique content. A lot of companies that cater to millennials have begun to do this, which means that trendy writing probably produces good results.

So, why are we so opposed to this? There is actually a myriad of reasons, but we have rounded up our top three for you.

1. It’s Lazy

We are sorry. But it is 100% true. It takes time, effort and energy to produce top-notch stories, posts and blogs. But just flinging together click-bait-esque methods and hoping for the best is cheap.

There is no depth. There is no heart. There is no REAL personality. And what does that say about the type of companies that do this?

2. It Puts An Expiration Date On Your Content

Slang is not at all a new phenomena, but it seems that technology has sped along the creation and distribution of new sayings, expressions and terms. Every month, there is a brand-new buzzword that makes its way around the web.

This is, in itself, not at all a bad thing. But when you begin to incorporate flash-in-the-pan words into your writing, you are basically condemning it to only be appealing for a short amount of time. 

3. It Makes You Sound Exactly Like Everyone Else

We aren’t going to name names here, but go take a look at the social media channels of some of the most popular lifestyle publications for young women. Quite a few of them sound rather…alike. Of course, some of them are owned by the same parent company and there might be some doubling-up on social media managers going on, but it still is pretty baffling that a company wouldn’t want to make their voice stand out from the crowd.

Stay smart and sharp. Crisp writing is invaluable to established and up-and-coming brands.

Make us proud out there by NOT following the crowd towards “trendy writing” land. We promise that your hard work will pay off.