Do It Differently: How To Not Blend In, Wording-Wise

There are certain “must-dos” that every company, new or not, should tick off their list (i.e. defining a messaging strategy, harnessing social media to elevate their visibility, tapping into tried and true marketing practices, etc.), but far too many brands just focus on these areas, without thinking about the overall “big picture”.

Standing out is almost always a good thing, granted that it is paired with doing whatever you do WELL. No point in working up fanfare and fireworks to catch the attention of potential clients only to then provide them with sub-par service, you know?

While there are several components to achieving this, we would argue that the most vital is finding, perfecting and sticking with a distinctive company-wide “tone”.

Writing is important. It really is. And sounding just like your competitors is…fine, at best. So "do it differently" instead. Decide who and what you want to be to your clientele. How do you want them to view you? A friendly confidante? An innovative trailblazer? An experience industry insider? Something else?

Sort that out and think about how you can use content, copy and communication to solidify your brand as your company-personality-of-choice in your customers’ minds. Everything from initial introduction messages to email signatures (and website structure, marketing materials and more) can be crafted with an eye on transforming this goal into a reality.

Put this together in a style guide and share it with everyone across the company—once it has been agreed upon by all involved, of course—even if this technically has nothing to do their respective departments, it may change the way that they approach their duties.

Talk soon.