4 Brand Twitter Accounts To Take Notes From

There are thousands upon thousands of companies on Twitter and, to be frank, not all of them are operating at optimum capacity, strategy-wise. But let’s take a look at four that are, while focusing in on what they are doing exceptionally well. 

1.  Fast Company


Despite not doing the “little to-dos” that we recommend (i.e. “@”-mentioning companies that are referenced”, including hashtags, etc.), Fast Company’s Twitter still excels due to their team’s ability to come up with punchy, to-the-point summaries of each and every article they share. Touché.

2. Wendy’s


The team behind Wendy’s Twitter account manages to do the seemingly impossible; appeal to young demographics without reverting to annoyingly obvious, flash-in-the-pan tactics.

How? By utilizing strategic retweets, sprinkling in information about new products/offers instead of constantly inundating followers with it and playing “class clown”, both in responses to relevant tweets and in content choices.  

3. Kim Kardashian-West


Classifying Kim Kardashian-West as a “brand” may raise some eyebrows, but we can’t help but highlight her Twitter-managing prowess none-the-less. Sure, she has a legion of fans keeping tabs on her latest projects and events, but the number one reason why we are so impressed with her skills has little to do with the fact that she has managed to rack up a huge number of followers.

She interacts with people in a non-transparently self-promotional way and doesn’t limit this to fellow celebrities (though she is savvy enough to boast about her connections too). From cracking jokes to sharing links, Kim knows how to “humanize” her persona. And this is something that many, many companies can and should take notes on.

4. Refinery29


Refinery29 on Twitter isn’t too different from regular ol’ Refinery29. Sure, there are more hashtags in the mix, but it’s pretty much the same messaging, specifically reformulated for Twitter. And that is not a bad thing AT ALL.

They know their audience and they cater to them accordingly, while capitalizing on trending topics, pop culture references and crowd-pleasing memes.  

Hope you picked up some pointers!