How To Decide On A Website Font

Settling on a font for your website can be a surprisingly tricky business. You need to use something that is on-brand, pleasing to look at and relatively simple.

Be sure to land on an option that will enhance your online standing. Why? Very few clients be willing throw their trust behind a company that is still using an off-putting font.

How will you know which font is “The One”?

1. It Doesn’t Clash With Your Logo

No matter how perfect a font may seem, you should place it next to your logo—which, in almost all cases, should be displayed somewhere on your site—to see how these two components play off each other. For example, is one whimsical and the other uber-clean cut? That’s a bit of a mismatch.

Now, we are not saying that you have to shove yourself into a box creativity, but why add more visual hurdles to the mix if you don’t need to?

2. It Is Easy To Read (On A Browser And A Smart Device)

Hopefully this is extremely obvious. Making potential clients work hard to even read up on your brand is a major miss. Sometimes this can be as simple as upping the font size.

In other cases, you may have to update your site content by adding certain stylistic elements, like bolding or italicizing important headings or passages, to achieve this. Or, worst case scenario, finding another option altogether.

3. It Doesn’t Distract From Your Messaging

Sure, it’s nice to grab attention, but you really don’t want your website font to steal the show completely. Something relatively basic is completely fine. In fact, it is great!

Happy hunting.