How To: Effectively Repurpose Old Content

Old content doesn’t need to be put out to pasture. Revamp it for a new spin—the results of which can be, of course, showcased on your website and on social media.

1.       Create An Updated Version

Did you or a company content writer, long ago, pen a good-to-great post? Add a few more thoughts to this, adjust the title accordingly and add a link to the original, explaining why you felt that the time was right to expand or update the piece.

Be sure to change at least a few phrases around; you don’t want a word-for-word replication, especially if you are linking to the original (and be sure to go in and add a link to the newer version in the original write-up too).

2.       Tie It To A Current Or Trending Topic

One caveat here add in an explanatory intro note to highlight how and why this way back when article is relevant. If it doesn’t connect, or if it cannot be connected with minor changes, this won’t work. Readers can tell when you are reaching…and when they are being plied with nonsense marketing tactics.

3.       Update The Aesthetics

Plop in a photo. Break up large clumps of text for readability’s sake. Reformat it to be as appealing at-a-skim and on mobile devices as possible.

Twice as nice, right?