How To Make The Absolute Most Out Of A Press Release

You have a well-written, brilliantly crafted press release ready to be pushed out across distribution platforms. But there are a few other actions you can take to ensure that your update truly makes a splash.

1. Share A Bite-Sized Version On Social Media

Especially LinkedIn! Basically, narrow down the most attention-grabbing components of the overall message and highlight this (with a more “consumer”-based spin for Facebook and Instagram).

2. Do A Bit Of Press Outreach

Okay, let us be a bit more specific. Send a concise message to a hand-selected list of people, alerting them to the event in question. Focus solely on individuals who typically highlight stories in a similar strain. Think “niche”. (And keep in mind that lesser-known bloggers might be more likely to bite than mainstream publications.)

Customize your email to appeal to them specifically, keep it short and considering utilizing the press release as a hook of sorts to land a write-up or an interview down the line. And sell them on this move.

Why does your news matter to them and to their audience? How will they benefit by spreading the world? Failing to ace these likely means that they delete your message or that they will simply pass along a media kit.

3. Be Aware Of Its Limitations

No matter how groundbreaking or earth-shattering you believe your company’s latest endeavor to be, you should probably prepare to come across people who could care less. If you hit a dead end, switch gears and channel your energy into something else.