Infographics: What To Do (And What Not To Do) For Maximum Marketing Impact

When done well, infographics can relay vital messages, spark up conversations and paint your company or brand as an industry expert.

Go forth with caution though. The following five tactics may make all the difference to whether your infographic is a hit or a miss.

1. Avoid Information Overload

Perhaps you have oodles of fascinating data and statistics in your corner. That’s great. But there is no need to toss these all out there at once! Stick to 1-3 facts or figures per infographic. Play around with fonts and visuals, to best showcase these.

Plus, doling these out in a measured manner means that you will have more content to share down the line.

2. Consider Its At-A-Skim Appeal

Does your infographic capture attention at a glance? Can someone quickly and easily comprehend the message(s) at hand? If not, you might want to head back to the drawing board.

3. Ensure That It Is Brand Consistent, Aesthetically

Creating an infographic that is at odds with your overall company message and tone is a somewhat strange move…and this extends to design choices as well.

4. Stamp It With Your Logo/Watermark It

Say someone shares the infographic without tagging you or your company in their post. How will people know where it originated from? Long story short—they won’t. And that is a missed opportunity for increasing brand awareness.

Subtlety is fine. A small simple logo in the bottom right corner (or another unobtrusive spot) works.

5. Figure Out Where It Should Be Utilized

Will sharing your infographic on social media ultimately yield the most interaction? Should you reach out to relevant outlets and publications and see whether this is something that they’d be interested in sharing with their readers? Would displaying it on marketing materials in-store or in-office make sense?

Think about it.

branding, contentBree Steinbronn