Is Email Marketing Dead?

The effectiveness of email marketing is, perhaps understandably, questioned by many business owners and top-tier managers. Is the time devoted to this effort actually making a positive impact on the bottom line? This really depends.

That said, there are a few factors that determine whether or not your email marketing attempts are actually working.

If possible, it is best to hire a team (or at least a person) to focus their attention on spearheading your email marketing efforts because keeping clients looped in is a much trickier task than you’d imagine.

However, if this isn’t in the cards, implementing the following tips can improve your current email marketing plan. 

Only Send Emails To Those Who Have Expressed Interest In Receiving Them

There are occasional exceptions to this, but most people don’t appreciate receiving unsolicited messages. Steer clear of purchasing contact lists, point blank period. Cold emailing of any sort is a specialized skill and should be left to those who know what they are doing on this front.

Play it safe and send emails to those who have asked you to do so.

Don’t Spam Inboxes

Are there customers out there who want to wake up every morning to a fresh email from a given company? Maybe. But in all likelihood, it is probably best to merely send out an email or two each month, barring a life-changing event or an urgent update.

Keep It Brief

“Short but sweet” is a fantastic mantra for email marketing. Odds are, people are skimming anyway. Using crisp, clean copy is also highly encouraged.

Value Matters

Your emails should provide something to its readers, whether this is a special discount code, world-shattering tips or something else. Try to make their lives better; this will leave a much better impression than simply sending self-promotional nonsense on a regular basis.

Include Visuals

Yes, this matters in emails too. Be sure to break up blocks of content with eye-catching imagery. Take care to use the correct format and file types, so as to sidestep unwanted and unexpected error messages.

Let People Opt Out

For the love of all that is holy, allow uninterested folks to hop off of your subscriber list. And don’t make them jump through hoops to do so either!

There you are.