Marketing Tactics To Avoid At All Costs

The web is jam-packed with pointers about what your brand or business should be doing. But not all of these are as golden as they may initially seem.

Avoid these three marketing tactics (and those who make it a habit to utilize them) like the plague.

1. Haranguing Potential Clients

There is being proactive and there is being a pain in the ass. Don’t be the latter.

If someone tells you that they are not at all interested, listen. Overly aggressive salespeople often swear that their methods work, but you might want to check the receipts on those claims.

2. Purchasing Likes, Followers Or Contact Lists

This is nothing more than a surface-level fix, at best. Actual interaction almost always matters more than hard subscriber/follower numbers when it comes to social media. This practice is iffy and it won’t help you to achieve your goals.

Purchasing contact lists is a nearly sure-fire way to piss off potential clients. Unless you specifically scope out people who have expressed interest in your services or products, your messages will probably wind up in the spam folder. And what good will that do you?

3. Trying Every Single Trendy Marketing "Must"

There is always a new industry buzzword floating around and everyone just knows that it is going to be the next big thing and it will elevate your business and will increase your profits exponentially and on and on.

Whenever you come across a promising marketing method, take a step back and ask yourself a few questions before you decide whether or not to embrace it.

Does it actually apply to your target audience? Can it possibly damage existing customer connections or alienate leads? How does it fit into your overall messaging strategy?

Keep thinking critically.