Must-Do: Check Links Around Your Site

Remember when we urged you to take a time out and test your site’s social media icons? Great. Now we are going to encourage you to do something in a super similar strain; check the links across your site.

Doing this can help reveal broken links, uncover outdated pages and can make the need to reorganize content much more obvious.

First things first. If you aren’t already linking to your content across your site, you should make it a goal to tackle this task in the near future. Obviously, don’t link with abandon—only add a link if the “linked” content is relevant and helpful.

Okay, you ready? Let’s jump right in. Head to your homepage and imagine that you are a potential client who has never heard of your company or brand before. Click on whatever tabs, buttons or tabs that you think would attract the attention of a website newcomer. And work your way “out” from there.

When you come across a broken link, make a note of it...don’t go in and fix it just yet. In some cases, you may even notice that a given link redirects to a page that is no longer the most applicable piece of information, so you can jot this down and perhaps suggest alternatives to this in your records.

Once you have finished combing through your current content, sit down and look over what you have discovered and then make necessary changes/updates, in as stratgic as possible manner.

While this isn’t the most riveting project in the world, it must be done. We’d suggest adding this to your to-do list at least once a year!