One-Minute Mission: Test Out Your Site’s Social Media Buttons

For whatever reason, many, many companies (including a few phenomenally wealthy and well-staffed ones) do not have working social media buttons on their websites. Some link to invalid URLs. Others loop to outdated versions of now-defunct platforms. It’s not a good look either way.

While this may seem like a super small issue in the grand scheme of things, it still sends a bad message to potential customers—specifically, that the company in question is not technologically in touch and that they allow little details to slip through the cracks—and may, however minutely, diminish the amount of social media interactions on said company’s social accounts.

So, prevent this very, very easy-to-avoid fate by taking a timeout, hopping over to your or your employer's website and testing out each social media button. If everything is working correctly, great—your work is done. If it isn’t, don’t worry! Simply make the necessary changes and you’ll be golden.

Circle back soon; more advice from yours truly is on the horizon.