Promoted Trend Campaigns: A Last-Minute Checklist

Thinking about springing for a promoted trend campaign? Take a time-out to tick off the five following must-do items first.

1. Scope Out How A Given Hashtag Has Been Used (And Similar Ones As Well)

On every single social media channel too. You may think that your chosen hashtag is cut-and-dry (and/or only applicable to your brand or business), but it is entirely possible that it has already been used by others. And just imagine what would happen if you were to accidentally associate your company with a politically incorrect or offensive cause by way of a totally preventable mistake!

2. Run It By Members Of Various Demographics

What sounds fine to one group of individuals may be loaded and revolting to another. Cover all of your bases by conducting surveys to gauge how everyone might react—whether or not they are your target audience.

3. Craft Copy & Collateral Around It

Boost results by taking the time to create appealing, visually-intriguing  marketing materials that can be pushed out on all platforms—not just on Twitter. Focus on putting together short, clever sentences that are tied to the hashtag in question. Ensure that the hashtag is also super visible at-a-glance.

Encourage supporters, followers and loved ones to share similar relevant sentiments too (working in the hashtag too, of course). The more on-message content floating around, the better, we say.

4. Prepare For Pushback

Fingers crossed, this won’t end up being necessary. But you should always expect and anticipate negative, nasty reactions; create a script to react to these. Think about how you can respond to potential remarks or concerns, ahead of time.

5. Triple-Check That It Does Not Violate “Promoted Trend” Guidelines


Good luck!