Quick Tricks: Submitting Your Site Map To Search Engines

Some maintenance matters take mere minutes to sort out, which is why there are no excuses as to why these can’t be addressed as soon as possible. Checking the links that are scattered across your site content, for example.

Up next—submitting your site map to search engines. Don’t worry, this won’t take long. You’re essentially handing crawlers an overview of your content, increasing the odds that your pages will be indexed correctly. Kind of.

First things first, you must figure out which format your site map should be in. Feeling a bit befuddled? It’s fine. There are plenty of free tools available that will generate and/or clarify this for you across the web.

In an ideal world, you will tackle each and every applicable search engine in existence…but sticking with Google and Bing will do in a pinch.

Make sure that you come back to this whenever you reorganize or revamp your site.