The Dangers Of Over-Plugging Your Brand On Social Media

Constantly plugging your company’s products and/or services on social media is a very bad habit. This strategy will not win you many admirers and it can even annoy or irritate your devoted fans. Yikes.

Believe us, no one wants to skim dozens of posts about how to get in touch with you, with an array of SEO-centric terms clumsily worked into the copy.

What should you do instead?

Provide industry-relevant insight, dish up tips and how-tos and paint your brand as an expert in your field. Only sprinkle one or two purely promotional posts into your posting schedule a week, if that.

Better yet, showcase why people should want to know more about what you do, indirectly. Show, don’t tell. Work to build up confidence and trust too!

And don’t forget to also utilize eye-catching images to grab attention and pique interest.