The Power Of Pictures In Marketing

Photographs, graphics and visual illustrations are vital for any successful marketing campaign, especially in the digital or online realm. While clever, catchy copy (that doesn’t try to sound like a “cool kid”) is undeniably important, pictures are what typically capture the attention of potential clients.

Therefore not including imagery in blogs, social media posts, email campaigns or advertisements is shooting yourself in the foot, so to speak.

Why? Because this generation of consumers has a world of content in the palm of their hands. Smartphones have changed the game; people scroll, not peruse.

This means that you have to create something that will catch their eye in a split second—in other words, an intriguing picture that will make them take the time to read the accompanying text and, knock on wood, pique their interest.

There are quite a few sources of attribution-free photographs available online, though you do have to poke around a bit to find a solid option at times. If you’d prefer to take the easy route, simply shell out a couple of dollars and opt for a stock image…though you should always, always, always read the fine print about where and how this image can be used.

Until next time!