Tips For Penning The Perfect Brand Social Media Bio

Giving potential consumers an at-a-glance peek at what you do can be a tall order, especially if it has to fit into the character limit constraints of social media bios.

But it’s possible. Here is how.

1. Keep It Short

Always strive to get your message across as quickly and effectively as possible. Touch briefly upon what your company does—and where you do it.  

2. Stay Consistent

You may have a little more wiggle room on Facebook than you do on Twitter (for instance) but that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily craft separate content for each channel. In fact, stick with the same phrasing for all of them and simply add in a few follow-up sentences for the platforms that allow it, if you’d like.

3. Point Out What Sets You Apart

An eye for details? Unparalleled expertise? Going above and beyond? Or whatever. Just be sure to highlight this!

See? Not so tricky.

contentBree Steinbronn