Why You Should Vary Your Content By Social Media Channel

The beauty (and, oftentimes, the beast) of having so many social media platforms out there is that different demographics flock to different social media platforms and even in the rare instance that all potential audiences are on one platform, they tend to use it in a different way.

So while it is easy to churn out content and toss it out across the social media sphere as-is, this limits the impact and the effectiveness of said content.

At the very least, you should consider implementing the following rules:

For Facebook:

Stick with a catchy, intriguing sentence or two. Try not to repeat the exact words of the title or description if you are sharing a link because doing so is redundant. Whenever possible, include some imagery because, as we have said before, photos are vital for capturing the attention of followers—especially when it comes to scroll-ers.

For Twitter:

Include 1-3 hashtags in your post. Keep your tweet to-the-point, tag and be sure that you’re following any companies or brands you’re referencing before uploading a photo or two to accompany your words. Twitter can be a little funny with photo sizes, so when in doubt, just double up and include two since Twitter will then resize these properly.

If you are sharing a link, shorten it via Bitly or Google URL Shortener. This allows you to play around with more words without hitting that character count limit, right off the bat. You can even just grab the name of the article title (subbing in “&” for “and”, etc.), capitalize each word, plop in an applicable hashtag or two, upload your image and you’ll be golden.

For Google+:

While posting on Google+ might seem pointless, it does give a slight SEO bump since Google prioritizes its own properties. Nothing too fancy needed here. Just rework your previous Facebook post copy and then pop three hashtags in the row below your caption content.

For Instagram:

The shorter that you can get your post here, the better. People on Instagram tend to ignore longer posts, opting instead to just focus on the photos and videos above them. Obviously. 

After you craft a short post, sprinkle in a few hashtags; we’d recommend 5-9 at most. Oh and remember that links aren’t live in posts on Instagram, so don’t bother including a link in your description.

If you really want to link to something, add it into you bio and mention that the “link is in our bio” somewhere in the post itself.

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